Teeth Cleaning in Grand Blanc MI

Getting your teeth cleaned and examined is an important part of keeping your smile healthy and beautiful. When you get your teeth cleaned at the dentist’s office, we remove dental tartar and plaque on your teeth. Regular cleaning will give you healthier teeth and gums. Schedule your cleaning today!

Take 45 Minutes to Keep Your teeth Healthy

Many people don’t get their teeth cleaned because they are afraid of going to the dentist. Others just can’t seem to make time. But keeping your teeth and your kids’ teeth clean will prevent a lot more inconvenience from gingivitis and other diseases that can lead to tooth loss.

A teeth cleaning and dental exam at Michigan Dental Wellness includes:

  • Checking for problems with your teeth that you may not see
  • Searching for cavities or any other signs of tooth decay
  • Inspecting your gums for gingivitis and signs of periodontal disease
  • Thorough teeth cleaning to remove tartar and plaque

It only takes about 45 minutes, and getting this dental deep clean every 4-6 months will help you keep your teeth healthy and give you a beautiful smile you can be proud of.

Request an appointment online or contact us by phone to set up an appointment for your next teeth cleaning. Dr. Leach and the staff at Michigan Dental Wellness have the experience to keep your smile healthy while keeping you comfortable.