Dr. Robert Leach

Dr. Leach is a family dentist in Grand Blanc who specializes in cosmetic dentistry, including Invisalign, dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, and preventative dentistry. Dr. Leach has a reputation for trustworthiness, and the ability to give his patients a smile that they can be proud of for the rest of their lives. Here's Dr. Leach's bio, in his own words:

I am committed to helping you and your family look and feel your best with a lifetime of ETC: Excellence, Trust, and Care. The quality of your smile influences so much in your daily life. Your personal, social, and business opportunities all depend on making a good impression and a beautiful smile does just that.

I have accumulated a lifetime of dental knowledge, experience, and technical ability to help you and your family look and feel your best. I began my career at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry and have continued my passion for learning and providing the very best in dental care to my patients. I am relentless in my pursuit of the latest in modern dental technology to achieve outstanding results.

As a nationally recognized speaker and teacher, I have special expertise in Invisalign®, cosmetic dentistry, wisdom tooth removal, implant dentistry, TMJ care, and conservative and preventative dentistry. I am also a member of numerous professional organizations and on the faculty of Invisalign.

My wife, Jill, and I have raised our family in Grand Blanc and have been very active and supportive of the community. I am active in National Ski Patrol and was awarded the State of Michigan Purple Merit Star for my life-saving rescue of an injured skier at Mt. Holly in 1998. I am also an avid outdoorsman and active in wetlands conservation.

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